Philip Shane

WTiF NASA Asked YOU For Help?

Philip Shane
WTiF NASA Asked YOU For Help?

What the IF... Big ol' NASA asked little ol' YOU for HELP? Could you do it? What would you do?

This week: a special report from Philip after his two adventures volunteering on behalf of the famous American space agency. First, at the Kennedy Space Center where he was invited to participate in the NASA Social program, providing social media outreach by sharing his incredible experiences BEHIND THE SCENES of the SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-1 mission

Then, in Washington, DC, participating behind the scenes at the US CAPITOL with The Planetary Society's DAY OF ACTION, where more than 100 society members came from all over the country to meet with Congress to push for increased NASA funding.

It's a JAM PACKED, rocket blasting, democracy crashing episode of a pretty awesome IF that really came true!

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-- Philip & Matt