What The IF...?

Welcome to this fast, fun podcast where we learn real Science by asking big questions & building imaginary worlds. And there's a lotta laughter along the way.

Your host, award winning documentary filmmaker Philip Shane, asks how the real world works, and learns about incredible science, and scientists, from the wise & wickedly witty author and historian of science, Prof. Matt Stanley.

Then we brainstorm imaginary worlds based on the awesome facts discovered when we ask the biggest question in the universe: What the IF?

TODAY WAS CRAZY because GEOLOGY suddenly sped up like craaaaaazzzzy. No more waiting eons for mountains to rise, watch before your very eyes. Heck, ride that mountain as it grows, grows, grows! The continents move at wicked speed under our feet. Earthquakes, earthquakes and more earthquakes. Volcanoes, volcanoes, oh boy, so many erupting volcanoes!

Come with us on this hair raising and hair flaming ride. It's super, super fun, if you can stand -- literally, can you stand? -- this volcanic visit to EARTHQUAKE EARTH. Also, did we say LAVA? Lots and lots of lava! What the, what the... What The IF?

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