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Alien Big Mac Wrapper Found On The Moon

NASA has emergency plans for what to do if they find an alien artifact on the Moon or anywhere in space (for real!). Elon Musk probably does, too. What The IF would happen if we found something left by Aliens? What if it was trash? Like, I dunno, maybe a Big Mac wrapper? How would a trashy hamburger wrapper change the world? A quick, hot and delicious episode awaits you, enjoy!

A Naughty Chair For The Whole World

Stop! What if you could be prevented from reacting too fast to that Friday night email from your boss, that "look" from your SO, that guy who didn't hold the elevator for you? All hopped up on coffee, we imagine a future where global emotional circuit breakers can bring peace... maybe? A world where everyone stops yelling "WTF???" and instead sings "What The IFFFFFFF..." You'll leave this episode feeling great!