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Alien Big Mac Wrapper Found On The Moon

NASA has emergency plans for what to do if they find an alien artifact on the Moon or anywhere in space (for real!). Elon Musk probably does, too. What The IF would happen if we found something left by Aliens? What if it was trash? Like, I dunno, maybe a Big Mac wrapper? How would a trashy hamburger wrapper change the world? A quick, hot and delicious episode awaits you, enjoy!

Can God Be Hacked???

If miracles could be proven by science, oh man, wouldn't things would be better for everyone? Wouldn't it be awesome? And fun? And super helpful? We imagine the wild & wacky day that science discovers that miracles are real, and repeatable, and their rules are mathematical and logical. Because if you could figure all that out... well now you can hack 'em! Need a miracle? There's an app for that. Just count to three... and click!