Philip Shane

Fraser Cain - WTiF Apollo Never Stopped?

Philip Shane
Fraser Cain - WTiF Apollo Never Stopped?

We're super honored to be joined this week by an incredible special guest: FRASER CAIN, veteran space journalist and publisher of UNIVERSE TODAY!

In celebration of the upcoming 50th Anniversary (!!!) of APOLLO 11's historic landing on the Moon, we ask...

WTiF we NEVER STOPPED going to the MOON? Imagine! By now we would have already spent FIFTY YEARS traveling to, and building on The Moon. What incredible things would we have achieved by now? What does this alternative today look like? Where can we fly? What can we see? Let's IF all the way TO THE MOON, and beyond!

Fraser Cain is the publisher of Universe Today and the co-host of Astronomy Cast. He's been writing about space and astronomy since he founded Universe Today in 1999. He lives on Vancouver Island, Canada with his wife, children and dog.

Visit to read the latest space and astronomy news from Fraser and his team!

And check out their latest book, the Ultimate Guide to Viewing THE COSMOS, available at bookstores everywhere and on Amazon at

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