What The KIKI? Part 1 of Our TWIS Special!

What The KIKI? Part 1 of Our TWIS Special!

Our TWIS Special, Part ONE!
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TWIS the IF? What The TWIS? You put your science in my what! It's a special, double stuffed, super combo show. Dr. Kiki invited us to bring the IF to her long-running public radio show and podcast, This Week In Science.

Here in Part 1 we get some science up in the NEWS! Dr. Kiki, Justin & Blair invite Philip & Matt to join the insightful, hilarious and very, very bizarre news stories that fly around the roundtable this week.

In Part 2 join us as we take the NEWS to the IF! There was a really, really weird news story this week about a scientist in China injecting HUMAN cells into a PRIMATE embryo. Happy Birthday! Or is it??? What the IF this procedure becomes commonplace? What miracles could it bring? What horrors? What horrific miracles??? Question marks run amok!


This Week in Science (TWIS) is a weekly, hour-long web and radio show presenting an humorous, often opinionated, and irreverent look at the week in science and technology. In each episode, TWIS discusses the latest in cutting-edge science news on topics such as genetic engineering, stem cells, cybernetics, epigenetics, space exploration, neuroscience, microbiology, the end of the world, and a show favorite – Countdown to World Robot Domination.

With Dr. Kiki (Kirsten Sanford, PhD), Justin Jackson & Blair Bazdarich

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-- Philip & Matt

What The MONKEY? Part 2 of Our TWIS Special!

What The MONKEY? Part 2 of Our TWIS Special!

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